• Platform for Ancillary Services 

    Ageing services are essential for catering to a population that is greying rapidly. Services are the essential part of living well & catering to needs are an enormous challenge for any society. Singapore is gearing up fast for the challenges ahead. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd.’s Platform is bringing together locally based ancillary & allied services. What better than a one stop shop where quality, trust & reliability are key with providers who are listed to provide services. Look no further. Visit us at Elderly services in Singapore  

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  • A Professional Service to compliment never to replace you


    Multigenerational families are at the heart of the structure of Asian families in particular. Filial duties are ingrained deep in cultural norms & an asset to ensure that society is well focused on looking after the vulnerable. Ageing is a process that some fare better than other. Regardless, chronic ailments & age related issues are never far off. Singapore is small demographically. Productivity is never far off the minds of industry nor the individual. The struggles of a family to cater for various members can be complimented by good quality providers of professional guardian/escort service. Look no further. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is here with a whole range of services for you & your family. Find us at  Ageing services Singapore

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  • Professional Medical Guardians & Medical Escorts are trained in management

    Labour is premium & even by employing maids, it is not always the answer to catering well for the ageing population. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is the leader in this field. As a company we are the leader in identifying a more refined need of delegation to professionally trained medical guardians or medical escorts who can stand in for families. Our company focuses on eldercare management in training. As Singaporean are a highly educated & highly motivated society, our aim is to empower each other with basic healthcare knowledge that can be readily applied. While healthcare science is a wide & never ending topic of discussion, our company courses emphases on application. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is the only name to trust. We are client centric & wholly Singaporean. Know more Ageing services in Singapore 



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  • A Platform which focuses on Living & Wellness

    Eldercare is the new industry that is booming. There is an explosion here in Singapore for the population is ageing rapidly. The fact is that more & more ancillary services will be needed to cater for an ever increasingly segment of society, year on year. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is The Platform provider bringing together ancillary services. As a company, we are catering for the family; a multigenerational family who will all require different ancillary services at various point in time.  Medical Guardian Pte Ltd.’s platform is focused on just that; Living & Wellness. In order to live well, services provision must be readily available, easy to locate, trusted &provide ample choice for the consumer. A truly encompassing Platform catering for all the multigenerational family’s need. Look no further.Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is the only name to remember. Know more Wheelchair Services Singapore 

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    Ancillary Service Providers sharing a vision

    Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is the leader in the field & isproviding a platform for ancillary services. In Singapore, there is an issue of ageing population & labour shortage. There is no denying that in every industry there is a problem with labour issues. Healthcare issues are labour intensive. It is also important that services when needed are acquired, quickly. Changing needs for the elderly means constantly looking out for different services from wheelchair transport, to chiropractors, to maid agencies to professional medical guardian or escort services. While needs are plentiful, it is good that Medical Guardian Pte Ltd.’s Platform is bringing together service providers to cater for these changing need. Convenience & trust are two important aspects when looking for services. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is acutely aware about these factors & we are constantly looking out for service provider who share our passion & vision. Medical Guardian Pte Ltd. is the only name for ancillary service provision for the elderly services in Singapore.

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